tfind string search and file finder utility

tfind is a free Windows download for finding text strings in files, with wildcard file names and subdirectory recursion. It can also be used as a file finder by simply not specifying a search string. Up to 7 words or phrases can be searched for at the same time, and a match only occurs if they all occur within a spcified number of lines. They can be in any order.

tfind is a 32 bit command line program. It should run on any current version of Windows, including the 64 bit versions.

Enter tfind -h or just tfind to display the following help information. This is the only documentation that you will need.

tfind version 1.03
tfind [-c] [-h] [-s] [-n]  [-v]
      [[pattern1 [pattern2]] etc,  [wildcard_filespec]
-c case sensitive, -s subdirectories. -h help, -v verbose.
-n set span (in lines) of region with up to 7 pattern matches.
tfind -s *.txt  ; wildcard file finder with subdirectory recursion.
tfind copyright man?.txt -s ; find "copyright", with wildcard filespec.
tfind "this little phrase" *.txt  ; search phrases must be in quotes.
tfind 2010 copyright -n5 man*.doc   ; find "copyright" and
      "2010" occurring in either order in any region spanning 5 lines.
      Default is -n10.  -n1 is OK. Spans larger than the file size are OK.
Options can appear anywhere in the line, and '/' can be used instead of '-'.
To interpret an option such as -s as a search string or file name use \"-s\".
Enclose a string between " chars if it contains ">" or "<" chars to prevent
      Windows file redirection.
Wildcard search patterns only accepted in file names by this version.

I do not impose any copyright restrictions on the source code. It is an open source project. Send me a copy if you make worthwhile improvements.

download, executable and C source code. Version 1.03, 6 Aug 2013, 35 kb.

Gary Osborn
Anaheim, California

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