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Piclab II is an open source image processing program that can be used as an image viewer, or for cropping, rescaling, color balancing, gamma correction, and chroma-keying. It is also possible to overlay an image with labels or line drawings, and to produce a montage of images. Earlier versions of piclab were DOS programs. This release is a true 32-bit Windows program, but it is still a command line program, and it is used much like DOS programs. It will run on any version of Windows that supports 32 bit programs. (That includes the 64 bit versions of Windows 7.)

Piclab is not for everyone. It is slow, and it is tedious to use. It is not a programming language, but it does use script files, and a programming or a technical background would be helpful in effectively utilizing it.

The program is well suited to several kinds of technical image processing requiring precision and repeatability. It also has chroma-keying and other features needed for messing up natural images. There are a lot of images at this site, and piclab played some role in preparing each one of them. Although the program has several drawbacks, it also has some capabilities that you will not find elsewhere. I occasionally upgrade the program or correct a programming error from the last upgrade, and the latest version is always available here.

The help file is an HTML document, and the full document can be read online here. Either read section 1 of the online version or refer to the readme.htm file in the download for installation instructions.

download ver 2.046 6 Aug 2010. piclab executables, documentation, and C source code (1.0 MB)

Mars Rising Behind a California Oak

Line Drawings
Modern Doodling

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